Shimer College

Liberal Arts Curriculum

Our liberal arts curriculum puts you in conversation with the greatest thinkers in the world.

You’ll read Euclid in Integrated Studies 2 and Aristotle in Natural Sciences. Experience Mary Wollstonecraft alongside Plato, and Karl Marx as a complement to W.E.B. Du Bois.

As you move through the curriculum, you’ll puzzle over and appreciate beauty, analyze theories, and grapple with the same exquisite complexities that have challenged human thinkers for eons.

Core Curriculum

 85 credits

Elective Courses

 40 credits

Basic Core Courses

(usually taken in first and second years)

    The Basic Comprehensive Examination

Area Core Courses

(usually taken in third and fourth years)


   The Area Comprehensive Examination

Integrative Studies Core Courses

(taken in the fourth year)

  • Integrative Studies 5: History and Philosophy of Western Civilization: From the Ancient World Through the Middle Ages
  • Integrative Studies 6: History and Philosophy of Western Civilization: From the Middle Ages Through the Nineteenth Century
   The Senior Thesis