Shimer College

Humanities Courses At Shimer Liberal Arts College

By the time you complete the core Humanities courses sequence, you will have encountered some of the most awe-inspiring figures in intellectual and artistic history.  

Plato. Aristotle. Homer. Shakespeare. Michelangelo. Picasso.  Bach. Mozart. Beethoven. Saint Augustine. Descartes. Locke.

The list goes on and on, and every one is well worth reading, viewing, or hearing.  And, of course, discussing.

The Humanities area is one of the supreme attractions of the academic life at Shimer. Shimer students love to read, and more of them love to read literary and philosophical works than any other kind. More of our graduates receive their degrees in the Humanities than in the two other areas of the curriculum combined.  While we’re very proud of our entire curriculum, we are also aware that the Humanities occupy a special place in the hearts of many Shimerians. Simply put, if you want to delve deeply into the diverse and endlessly fascinating areas of the Humanities in the company of similarly-inclined students and teachers, Shimer is the place to do it.

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