Shimer College

Integrative Studies Courses At Shimer Liberal Arts College

At three strategic points within the core courses sequence, you get a chance to tie everything you’ve learned together with the Integrative Studies Courses.

At Shimer, we designed our core curriculum to offer opportunities to stop and apply the critical thinking skills you’re acquiring in your courses. The three Integrative Studies courses, one Basic (Integrative Studies 2) and two Advanced (Integrative Studies 5 and 6), foster analytical reasoning and creative and associative thought.

In IS2, you’ll focus on the power and limitations of mathematics. In IS5 and 6, you’ll study major writings in Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences that promote integrative and creative thinking.

A number of people, Steve Jobs recently and famously among them, have suggested that association and creative solving problems are the most important skills college graduates can bring to the current knowledge economy. At Shimer, we’ve been teaching students those skills since 1853. Guess we were a little ahead of our time!