Shimer College

NATSCI4 : Modern Scientific Revolutions Course

What is life? In searching for an answer, students of the modern scientific revolutions course come to an understanding of modern quantum physics.

They examine the complexity of DNA and RNA and the causal relationship of those substances to the laws of genetics studied in Natural Sciences 2. The concept of evolution is widened to include not only the microscopic (molecular evolution) but also the macroscopic (the universe as a whole).

Erwin SchrödingerErwin Schrödinger

The course culminates in an extension of biological inquiry to the levels of knowledge and human interaction.

Prerequisites: Natural Sciences 2 and 3

Reading List

  • Erwin Schrödinger, What is Life?
  • George Gamow, Thirty Years That Shook Physics
  • Richard Feynmann, QED
  • Freeman Dyson, Origins of Life