Shimer College

Transfer Two-Year Program

Complete a Shimer degree in two years with transfer credit.

Transfer students who have at least 40 hours of transferable credit, may choose to pursue Shimer’s BS degree in Humanities, Social Sciences or Natural Sciences. Transfer students with at least 60 hours of transferable credits enter Shimer with Junior standing and will be able to graduate in two years.

Consult the Transfer Guides in the sidebar to the right for course equivalencies for community colleges. If you do not see your school, contact for assistance.

Total course requirements: 125 semester-hours credit
30 semester hours: Basic Studies Courses
10 semester hours: Area Studies Courses
20 semester hours: Integrative Studies Courses
60 semester hours: Elective Courses
5 semester hours: Senior Thesis

To qualify for a concentration: Of the 60 semester-hours of elective credit, at least 30 must be in one area of concentration. Students who wish to graduate with two areas of concentration must complete at least 30 semester-hours in each. All students seeking concentrations must successfully complete at least 45-semester hours of upper-level work.

Comprehensive Examinations: Degree candidates must successfully complete the Mathematics Competency Examination, the Basic Studies Comprehensive Examination, and at least one Area Studies Comprehensive Examination.

Writing Projects: Degree candidates must successfully complete all required writing projects, semester papers, a Research Paper, and a Senior Thesis.