Shimer College

Shimer's College Leadership

Shimer College President and Board of Trustees are tasked with ensuring the school’s fierce independence and continued longevity.

imageWe also trust them to maintain Shimer’s openly democratic, self-governing community dedicated to intellectual exploration and free inquiry.

This trust goes both ways; we, as individuals, are responsible for actively and earnestly participating in Shimer’s policy of shared accountability. We are intentionally small to maintain our model of a participatory democracy.

Leading the Learners

President Susan Henking, the first female president of Shimer College since Frances herself, is particularly committed to transparent communication and helping Shimer flourish now and in the coming years.

The Board of Trustees, an appointed group of professionals, intellectuals, and diehard Shimerians, represent our various interests and concerns when considering plans for the school.

The President and the Board clarify their priorities to the community every year, whether they include increasing enrollment, refining our curricular programs, bolstering our finances, or  diversifying.

We strive to continuously improve our community by all actively engaging in it: students, faculty, staff, alumni, the Board, and the President. Every voice in the community is given the opportunity to contribute and to be heard. Our leaders listen, and in so doing, teach us how to lead.