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  • January 10 Image preview
    My verdict: yes.
  • December 18
    This book, authored by David Mikics, is both wonderful and frustrating.
  • November 27
    As one aims for glorious success, the failures–the opportunities for learning–are themselves glorious.
  • November 11
    If Mies van der Rohe was seeking to identify an architecture for his time, and in particular for his post World War I era, did others seek to create a curriculum for their time?
  • November 4
    The font is lovely. The ideas even more so.
  • October 2 Image preview
    Four percent of American Hispanics live in Illinois.
  • September 27 Image preview
    Sometimes the titles of books tell you all about the field of inquiry. Sometimes, not so much.
  • September 18
    The president shares
  • September 13
    Someone once declared: Excellence is in the details. Amen.
  • September 9 Image preview
    I met Alex Rosenberg ‘13 almost as soon as I “met” Shimer.  I am thrilled to have her do this guest post for us today.
  • August 1
    A summer update: here are a few things that are “coming soon”…
  • July 8 Image preview
    So, I love this “game” of figuring out connections between Shimer and Kevin Bacon – I mean, Shimer and the world.
  • July 8
    In recent weeks, we have seen several decisions by the US Supreme Court (aka SCOTUS) that affect higher education – and not all of them are obvious.
  • June 20 Image preview
    Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich’s book entitled Transforming Knowledge was an important book for many of us in the early 1990s.
  • June 6
    I have been reflecting endlessly on words that seem to be the opposite of what liberal education is about and yet, in my view, are not. Bewilderment. Slowness. Now, I am turning my attention to free. 
  • May 6
    One way of thinking about what great books are is to think about lists. (Yes, people make lists… perhaps they always have?)
  • April 23
    Recently a student asked me, “Why are you writing to presidents of colleges that have experienced violence?”
  • April 22
    I find a lot of books in odd places, including on the streets, and in Goodwill stores, and in bookstores, and in the sharing libraries of the places I live. And today, I am writing about a paradoxically wonderful book called In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise by George Prochnik.
  • March 13
    Today’s quotation for the day reminds us that educational institutions sometimes embody (pun intended) the Western split of mind and body (or perhaps even fact and value) – and at other times, challenge those binaries.
  • February 22 Image preview
    Of course, rich has many meanings – financially secure and more, deeply textured and full, and many other related meanings.