Shimer College


At Shimer, we are on a first-name basis with the President.

And it’s the job of the staff in the President’s Office to help keep it that way.

It’s a tradition at Shimer that the door of the Office of the President remains open. Ok, it isn’t always literally open. When President Susan Henking is traveling to meet donors or attend conferences, for example, or when she is meeting with faculty, students, or staff in her office,  we do tend to close the door.

But the President’s Office is located right next to the Open Lounge, the main student hang-out, and Susan frequently ends up embroiled in a deep conversations with students about philosophy, science fiction, or jokes about elephants. (We’re not making these examples up. We’ve heard her). Then it’s the job of us, her staff, to make sure she makes it to her next meeting.

The Office of the President is also responsible for strategic communications, institutional initiatives and projects, and outreach to city, state, and federal officials and community organizations.

To make an appointment with President Susan Henking, please contact or 312-235-3544.