Shimer College

Federal Work Study Information

On this page you will find information you need as a  Federal Work Study (FWS) Employee.

The following guidelines are for Federal Work Study students only. Students may verify their FWS eligibility by checking their Financial Aid Award Letter on Sonisweb.

All students are required to complete an application for each position for which they are applying (see checklist and application form in the sidebar). This applies to new and returning Federal Work Study participants.

At the end of Fall semester students who have completed all FWS program requirements are eligible to renew their contracts for the Spring semester at the discretion of their supervisor.

Students enrolled in the program must complete all Business Office documents prior to reporting to work.

It is the responsibility of the student and employer to ensure they are in compliance with the FWS Program policy and procedures (please see FWS Handbook for more details).

In the sidebar, you will find several documents: the FWS Handbook, the FWS Employee Timesheet Policy and Procedure information, the FWS Timesheet.

Please study this information carefully as failure to submit time sheets in a timely manner will result in their not being processed until the next pay period (see FWS Employee Timesheet Policy).

Please direct all questions regarding FWS procedures to Janet Henthorn of the Financial Aid Office or to Glendalyn Booker of the Business Office.