Shimer College

Grants and Scholarships

To be considered for Shimer scholarships, you must complete an Application for Admission to Shimer and file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Completing these things early can make you eligible for more financial aid. In addition to scholarships, Shimer awards need-based grants to students who do not receive any of these scholarships specifically.

Book Scholarships

Every applicant who completes a Shimer application by the first day of November each year receives a scholarship of at least $1,290 to cover the cost of the first year’s book fee.

The Dangerous Optimist’s Scholarship

One two-year full-tuition scholarship is awarded each year to a spring transfer student who demonstrates strong academic ability and boldness in writing and discussion.

Homeschoolers and Nontraditional Schooling Scholarship

This scholarship, for up to $6,000, recognizes the special contribution that students coming from homeschooling and other non-traditional schooling have to offer the Shimer community.

Robert Maynard Hutchins Scholarship

Early Entrant students may be awarded up to $1,400 per year. Students who receive a Hutchins scholarship must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point at Shimer in order to retain it.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Children or grandchildren of Shimer alumni who choose to become Shimerians themselves may be awarded for up to $1,000 per year for full-time enrollment. Applicants referred by Shimer alumni also qualify for this scholarship if admitted.

City Year National Service Scholarship

Scholarships for 30% of Shimer College tuition will be awarded to Shimer students who were City Year corps member or alumni who successfully completed at least one year of service and to City Year staff members who were employed for at least two years.

Michel de Montaigne Scholarship

Montaigne Scholarships are awarded to scholars for what they can accomplish now, not what they have accomplished in the past. Full and partial scholarships are offered through this competition. 

Frances Wood Shimer Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 per year recognizing the previous accomplishments and promise of select Shimer students. Scholarships have been awarded in recognition of talent in fine arts, creative writing, drama, and community service.

The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Scholarships of up to $6,000 per year are awarded to transfer students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Verification of Phi Theta Kappa membership is required.

Yellow Ribbon Program

The “Yellow Ribbon” program is designed to honor our veterans’ service and improve financial aid for veterans participating in the Post-9/11 GI Bill.


External Scholarships & Matching

Shimer encourages students to apply for outside scholarships, which can be found, free, through various online resources like FastWeb, as well as through local organizations near you.

Shimer Scholarship Matching Policy

Through Shimer Matching Grants, we will match all qualifying outside scholarships up to $2000 for students who use their awards toward Shimer tuition. The only circumstances under which we would adjust your financial aid package is if your aid exceeds your total cost of attendance. External scholarships may be from organizations, foundations, or charities that offer merit, need-based, or culturally based awards. Groups include:
•    Non-profit organizations and Charitable trusts
•    Community Foundations
•    Labor unions
•    Houses of worship
•    Chambers of commerce
•    Other volunteer organizations
•    The uniformed services of the United States
Please check with the Office of Financial aid if you have any questions about this policy.