Shimer College

Home School Scholarship

Shimer College appreciates the sacrifice, time and commitment you and your family have made for your education. In recognition of that, we have created the Home School Scholarship.

Many homeschooled students find a new academic home at Shimer. There are several reasons for this. Many have decided that they’ve gotten along just fine without lecture halls so far, and prefer our small, discussion-based classes. Some are drawn to the rigor and content of our Great Books curriculum. Last but not least, many seek the kinship available in a community of learners who all approach life with curiosity.

To recognize the special contribution that students coming from homeschooling and other non-traditional schooling have to offer the Shimer community, Shimer awards academic scholarships for a minimum of $6,000 to students who have been homeschooled.

As with all Shimer financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. There is no additional or separate application required for the Home School Scholarship.