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San Jose City College Transfer Guide




San Jose City College

Students with 60 or more credits may transfer in courses toward the Shimer College Bachelor of Science degree that count for Shimer College’s lower-level (1- and 2-level) Core courses, except for Integrative Studies 2.  Shimer College’s lower-level Core Courses are five-credit courses.  Typically, this means that 2 3-credit SJCCcourses that count for the Core Courses designated below will be equivalent to one Shimer Core Course, and the remaining credit will be a lower-level elective credit in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences as appropriate. Special Topics Courses and Independent Studies courses may be accepted for Shimer credit. 

The SJCC courses eligible to transfer in as Shimer Core Course Equivalences are listed below:

HUMANITIES ONE: ART AND MUSIC: two 3-credit courses, one in Art and one in Music.

One course from Art: ART 091; ART 092.

One course from Music: MUSIC 091; MUSIC 099.

HUMANITIES TWO: POETRY, DRAMA, AND FICTION: one 3-credit course in English Composition and one 3-credit course in literature.  Two 3-credit literature courses may be accepted if there is a substantial writing component in at least one of them.

One composition course from English: ENGL 001B; ENGL 092.

One course from English literature: ENGL 010; ENGL 033; ENGL 065; ENGL 073; ENGL 084A; ENGL 084B; ENGL 086A; ENGL O86B.


NATURAL SCIENCES ONE: LAWS AND MODELS IN CHEMISTRY: one 5-credit course or, two 3-credit courses in Chemistry. 

One 5- credit course in Chemistry: CHEM 001A; CHEM 001B; CHEM 012A; CHEM 012B.

Or, two courses in Chemistry: CHEM 015; CHEM 032A; CHEM 032B; CHEM 065.

NATURAL SCIENCES TWO: EVOLUTION, GENETICS, AND ANIMAL BEHAVIOR:  one 5-credit course in Biology, or two 3-credit courses in Biology. 

One 5-credit course in biology: BIOL 002; BIOL 004A; BIOL 004B.

Two courses from the following list: Anthropology: ANTH 062; Biology: BIOL 003; BIOL 021; BIOL 066; BIOL 074.

SOCIAL SCIENCES ONE: SOCIETY, CULTURE, AND PERSONALITY: two 3-credit courses in the social sciences: at least one must be introductory; the other must be from a different department.  You must therefore choose one of the following introductory courses: Anthropology 063; Psychology 010; or Sociology 010.  There are three pathways to transfer to Shimer with credit for Social Sciences One.

Pathway One: Take ANTH 063.

THEN, choose one course from the following list: Ethnic Studies: ETH 030; Family and Consumer Studies: FCS 070; Psychology: PSYCH 010; PSYCH 012; PSYCH 035; PSYCH  092; PSYCH 099; Sociology: SOC 010; SOC 011.

Pathway Two: Take PSY 010.

THEN, choose one course from the following list:  Anthropology: ANTH 063; Ethnic Studies: ETH 030; Sociology: SOC 010; SOC 011.

Pathway Three: Take SOC 010.

THEN, choose one course from the following list: Anthropology: ANTH 063; Family and Consumer Studies: FCS 070; Psychology: PSYCH 010; PSYCH 012; PSYCH 035; PSYCH 092; PSYCH 099.

SOCIAL SCIENCES TWO: THE WESTERN POLITICAL TRADITION: two 3-credit courses in classical political theory and American politics.

Take Political Science 001 and  one course from the following: Administration of Justice: AJ 127; History: HIST 001; HIST 009; HIST 017A;  HIST 017B; HIST 021; Labor Studies: LABOR 023.