Shimer College

For Occasional & Special Students

Shimer’s goal is to offer our programs to those who enjoy the challenge of the classroom and the beauty
of the written word. There are several opportunities for members of the community to take part in the
Shimer College program.

  • Special Students are those who are not formally seeking a degree from Shimer College (non-matriculating) but wish to receive credit for the classes they take. You are limited to 10 credit hours in any one semester and a total of thirty credit hours as a Special Student.
  • Audit: Upon approval of the Dean of the College and the course instructor, any individual may audit a course at Shimer College. Auditors enroll for the purpose of sitting in on a class with no expectation of receiving a grade or credit toward a degree. 
  • Shimer@60:Through the Shimer@60 Program, people over the age of 60 may take one Shimer course at no cost. Shimer@60 participants must, however, pay for their own books. Courses are available on a space-only basis, and are of noncredit “audit” status. Those who choose to take additional courses after the first must pay an audit fee. Those able to document financial need may be able to do so at a special rate with the approval of the Dean of the College.
  • Dual Enrollment with City Colleges of Chicago: City College students who have taken a Great Books course through CCC and received a B or better are eligible to take up to two Shimer courses, one per semester, for City College tuition and credit. Find the application and more information here.

We look forward to having you join us!