Shimer College

For Transfers

Transfer students make up about two-thirds of each entering class at Shimer. Whether you’ve completed your AA and you’re ready to tackle your BA, or you’ve taken classes at a few schools but just haven’t found the right academic home yet, we invite you to consider transferring to Shimer.

Transfer Credit

Shimer College welcomes applications from transfer students who wish to transfer from two- or four-year institutions. Whether you are transferring from a two- or four-year institution, we may well be the right college environment for you.  We consider transfer students an important part of our student body; you bring unique experiences, skills and important attributes to our campus. Transfer students  may be admitted at the beginning of the fall, spring, or summer semester.

Only courses in which a student has earned a C or better, or its equivalent, are considered for transfer credit. Transfer credits are used to determine placement in the curriculum and to exempt students from certain curriculum requirements. To receive transfer credit, you must submit official transcripts prior to enrolling at Shimer.

Students who have completed an associate’s degree may enter with junior standing. Depending on intended major and previous program of study, a bachelor’s degree may be completed in two years of full-time study.

Credit will not be granted for experiential learning, career or vocational courses. Official credit evaluation is completed after a student is admitted to the college.

We urge you to prepare for your transfer early. To assist you, we will provide you information on core course equivalences (courses at your 2-year college or university that will exempt you from taking Shimer College’s lower level Core Courses). Much of your other coursework will count towards Shimer College elective credit. You can find Transfer Guides detailing core course equivalences for specific community colleges in the column to the right. If you do not see your college listed, please contact the Shimer College Dean’s Office at for further information.


Transfer Application Checklist

  • Completed Application: Start your online application by clicking here.
  • Official College Transcripts: If you have attended any college or university since high school, you are a transfer student. Please list all the schools you have attended since high school on the application and contact the registrar at each of these schools to request that an official transcript be sent to Shimer College. Any student with fewer than 60 semester hours of college credit must also submit a high school transcript or its equivalent.
  • Official High School Transcripts: Any student with fewer than 60 semester hours of college credit must submit a high school transcript or its equivalent (such as a GED).
  • College Entrance Examinations (ACT or SAT): In most cases, Shimer College does not require college entrance examinations for admission. However, if they are available, we ask that they be posted on your high school transcript or that you ask the testing agency to forward the results to Shimer.
    Shimer’s ACT code: 1142
    Shimer’s SAT code: 1717.
  • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher who can assess your academic progress and level of readiness for college-level work. Early Entry students need two recommendation letters. These can be mailed or emailed directly from the recommender to
  • Essays or Writing Samples Two writing samples. (You don’t need to write any special essays just for us. Two papers you think demonstrate your best work from classes you have already taken will be just fine.) Please email directly to
  • $25 application fee, payable by check or credit card.
  • Admission Interviews are usually conducted in person as soon as the college has received your completed application. However, if you are visiting the campus, we will be happy to meet with you at that time. If you are unavailable for a personal interview, arrangements can be made for a telephone interview.


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