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  • Email First Name Last Name Title Phone
    (e) Bridget Anderson Admission Counselor 312-235-3505
    (e) Daniela Barberis Faculty 312-235-3520
    (e) Glendalyn Booker Business Office Manager 312-235-3514
    (e) James Bowers Dean of Admission 312-235-3543
    (e) Eileen Buchanan Professor Emerita -
    (e) Ann Dolinko Faculty 312-235-3516
    (e) James Donovan Faculty 312-235-3534
    (e) Aron Dunlap Faculty 312-235-3542
    (e) Albert Fernandez Faculty 312-235-3517
    (e)     President’s Assistants 312-235-3544
    (e) Joseph Fitzpatrick Chief Operating Officer & Dean of Students 312-235-3511
    (e)  Susan Henking President, Chief Executive Officer 312-235-3552
    (e)  Janet Henthorn Director of Financial Aid 312-235-3507
    (e)  Ron Kidd Adjunct Faculty -
    (e)  Heidi Kloehn Database Administrator & Annual Fund Coordinator 312-235-3506
    (e)  Adam Kotsko Faculty 312-235-3547
    (e)  David Lukens Professor Emeritus -
    (e)  Adrian Nelson Assistant Director of Admission 312-235-3549
    (e)  Stuart Patterson Faculty 312-235-3529
    (e) Alexis Resendiz Admission Counselor  
    (e)  David Shiner Faculty 312-235-3538
    (e)  Barbara Stone Faculty 312-235-3510
    (e)  Harold Stone Faculty,Dean of the College 312-235-3518
    (e)  Bev Thurber Faculty, Associate Dean of the Faculty 312-235-3550
    (e)  Jim Ulrich Registrar, Adjunct Faculty 312-235-3523
    (e)  Steven Werlin Faculty (on leave)  
     (e)  Isabella Winkler Director of Strategic Communications, Special Assistant to the President 312-235-3545