Shimer College

Alumni Committees

As the Alumni Association continues to form and get organized, we will be forming standing committees to help with various activities and advise the Director of Development and Alumni Board of Directors. 

 Committees will include:

Nominations:  The nominations committee will help solicit nominations for members to the Alumni Board of Directors.  It also helps evaluate and recommend alums for members to the  Alumni Board.
Planning:  The planning committee will work with the Director of Development and the Board of Directors in planning various events including fundraising and social events.

Communications:  The communications committee will work with the Director of Development on activities that will help connect alumni with each other, the Association, the College, and others in the community.  These activities shall include by not limited to aiding the publication of the Symposium and articles for online publication.

Recognition and Awards:  The recognition and awards committee will establish ways to recognize alumni, including but limited to recognizing alumni on their service to the College, the Association, and their community.

More committees may be established as needed.  If you are interested in getting involved as a member of a committee, please contact Isabella Winkler at