Shimer College

Eileen Powers Buchanan Fund for Theatre at Shimer

Support the Theatre Program by honoring the many years of service of our Theatre Director, Eileen.

Eileen’s contributions to Shimer College are immeasurable. Whether as Speaker of the Assembly, Director of the Theatre Program, or in her main role as a senior faculty member, she is a profound influence on our shared Shimer.

Theatre at Shimer College intentionally embodies collaboration, inviting all members of the community to play active parts. In response to a question asking alumni if they had participated in the Theatre Program Jonathan Goldman ’71 replied, “Maybe a better question might [be] ‘Who was not ever involved with the drama group in some role while in school?’”

In over 30 productions during the course of her career, Eileen has welcomed students to “play out” the themes they encounter in the curriculum. They come to the space as intellectually likeminded individuals. This co-curricular experience intentionally expands and deepens their classroom learning while giving rise to opportunities to reach out to external partners and visitors.