Shimer College

Living in Chicago

Shimerian life means learning to navigate Chicago, City of Big Shoulders, as rich in opportunity as in complexity. It is our living, breathing classroom and our home.


Our campus is in Bronzeville, on the near South Side of Chicago. Most of us live either in IIT housing or in nearby neighborhoods like Bridgeport and Pilsen. 

Ideas this big can’t be contained on two floors.

So we make time outside of class to keep the conversation going, at potluck dinners and group outings to theatres and art shows, during games of chess in the student lounge or over tacos in The Commons.

Shimerians are a mixed bag that includes Southerners, West Coasters, veterans, vegans, libertarians, and Marxists, among others. There are no Greek organizations or exclusive groups. Everyone has the same opportunities, and whatever our differences, we are united in our desire to live as we learn—vigorously, consciously, and creatively.

Getting Around

image All you need to learn your way around Chicago is a basic understanding of squares and a CTA card, though it’s a great city for walking and biking, too. Through the city’s bike-share program, you can easily rent two wheels. 

The CTA station across the street from campus includes Red and Green line service, and several nearby bus lines make it easy to travel in every direction. Some students have cars, and parking permits are available through IIT.