Shimer College


New Shimerian! We are SO excited to meet you. August is not yet here, and you have a lot of sun to take in before gathering around the Shimer seminar table for serious discussions. However, between now and then, there are a few things you need to be doing to prepare for your arrival. This page is here to help you with all that. 

Hey! Thanks for checking our page out. We’re gonna be updating it for you all Summer with news, updates, and resources to help keep everyone (including friends and family) in the loop. While some of what’s here you might have received in emails, we wanted to provide a single place to access everything you need for orientation and registration—especially for those of you with cluttered inboxes!


News and Updates:

7/17/15: Meet the Orientation Staff! Today we introduced you to our team of Shimer Students who you’ll be meeting during Orientation. Read their bios!



6/25/15: Math Evaluation: Today you received an email about the Math Evaluation you will take at Orientation. You did not stress out about said email. You looked over the practice test and most likely said “please.” Here are some quick links to the Math Practice Test and Letter from Dean Stone found in that email.

 Hello and Welcome. Today you received an email from us (Katya and Ryan, your Orientation Coordinators) in which we introduced ourselves and outlined some of the nuts and bolts of registration. We promise this is the LAST time you’ll be asked to do busy work at Shimer. The Orientation Checklist we sent you will also always be available here on this website (link above).