Shimer College


The Shimer Internship Program, known as SIM, awards summer stipends to students so that they can pursue internships of their choice, regardless of pay.

Read blogs by some of the SIM award recipients from summer 2014.

  • August 20
    Returning back to Chicago, I returned to my post as intern at Chicago Shambhala.
  • August 19
    Greetings, Gentle Readers! I, Sam Kepp, am here to apprise you of the goings-on at the Newberry Library, where I have been the Communications Intern since May.
  • August 18
    On Gibbons v Ogden
  • August 17
    Day 2 of the Ziji Summit was intense. But just as quickly as it happened it was over. People were hugging each other and saying goodbye because it truly felt like there was a genuine connection that was built. And people couldn’t tear themselves away from such sincerity.
  • August 11
    Same-sex marriage legalization contextualized.
  • August 11
    Reading material about the use of deadly force in the monthly, The Champion.
  • August 10
    Greetings, all! My name is Sam Kepp, and I am a recipient of Shimer College’s Student Internship and Mentorship program grant, which provides remuneration for work done by students over the course of their summer internships. I am currently serving as a Communications and Marketing Intern for the Newberry Library, located here, in beautiful Chicago, Illinois.