Shimer College

August 01, 2013

Coming Soon to Shimertopia

A summer update: here are a few things that are “coming soon”…
  1. There has been some attention to the film Monsters University. And, it has included attention to the fake website associated with the (fake) university. So, both here and elsewhere, I will take this on, with an eye to the notion that our new website might be much cooler than this fake one. And no, I have not seen the movie, but here is the (fake) website.  A dandy implied critique of dot edu websites. And, an intriguing marketing maneuver.  I am writing about this for Chicago Is Our Campus, but will write here as well! 
  2. I will continue to comment on Bill Readings’ book The University in Ruins, because I am still reading it – and want to get to the chapter entitled “The Scene of Teaching.” Really – what else matters to today’s university more than teaching? (Maybe learning?)

  3. I am starting another relevant book called Paying for the Party. And, it turns out to be about the ways women experience gender stratification through their experience of university education (in the midwest). The opening example, of two very similar women ending up in very different circumstances (and I use the passive framework intentionally) is deeply troubling about the ways institutional structures lead to very different outcomes. 

  4. For more fun reading, I am going to be asking a few people to do guest blogs. So: keep an eye out for that! (Let me know if you think YOU want to do one!)