Shimer College

March 30, 2014

The Letter That Changed My Life

It came in an envelope that read on the outside: “Shouldn’t You Be Getting Credit For All The Reading You Do?” or words to that effect. Inside was a solicitation to check out the weekend program at Shimer, then located in Waukegan. This come-on could not have been more effectively phrased or arrived at the more perfect moment.

This was back in the late ’90s, a time when I was more or less drifting along while waiting for something - anything - to steer my life back on track. The challenges I faced when I did take the next step were many, but could not have been more fitting as well. My time at Shimer re-awakened native gifts for writing I’d long neglected, as well as sharpened critical and analytical thinking skills gone atrophied. Today, I am the award-winning author or co-author of some nine books; the creator of a popular series with a major book publisher; a recognized authority on a pop culture subject; an in-demand speaker; a successful podcaster, and the founder of a new micro-publishing house. Without my time at Shimer, none of this would have happened.


Robert Rodriguez ‘03

Author, Publisher