Shimer College

March 11, 2014

Skating With Bev Thurber

Champion figure skater and Shimer professor Bev Thurber takes her students ice skating every spring. This year, the Chinatown Girl Scout troop joined us. Good times were to be had all around.

Bev Thurber, scientist, figure skater, and Shimer professor enjoys taking her students ice skating every spring at the Midway Plaisance Ice Rink, on the University of Chicago campus. IIT students and Shimerians are all welcome to attend, and this year’s trip was pretty awesome.

Our students took the #4 bus with Bev out to Hyde Part at 2:30 in the afternoon, and we spent an hour at the rink as Bev taught us how to do a spin, and how to try and keep our balances so no one fell over. She was most successful. Our cheeks were pink from the cold and exertion. Bev performed several more complicated spins and jumps as we oohed and ahhed. It is truly something to watch the way as she glides across the ice with ease. I’m sure I’m not the only person who was not only impressed, but envious with the grace she exuded.

Our group was full of laughs and joy as we glided around the rink with the Girl Scout troop that came along with the Shimerians that volunteer with them. It was so fun to see the girls’ happiness as they learned how to stay upright. We held hands as we learned how to bend our knees and push off from the ice with confidence. Afterwards we had snacks at the little concession stand inside the building where we had also rented our skates from. It was very generous of Shimer’s QLC (Quality of Life Committee) to pay for our skate rentals, as students can get in for free at the rink. The rink is located right across from the older buildings at the University of Chicago, or, as I like to call them, the Hogwarts buildings. It provided the perfect backdrop for our scenic trip. 

It is days like this that really hit home for me as to why I love attending Shimer. My classmates and I are friends, yes, but also we’re friends with our professors, who enjoy taking us on trips like this though they are in no way obligated to. Bev especially loves to help her students out outside of classes, and is always up for anything, from ice skating, or talking to you about problems you may have, academically or personally. It is a testament to how much Shimer means to its students and how much the people we are surrounded by mean to each other that we enjoy spending time outside of school to hang out and relish in the time we spend together. I love the friends I have made here, and I love my professors. The environment we create is something unparalleled by the other colleges I have visited. Shimer is truly unique, not only in how we structure our liberal arts classes but in how we interact with those who attend Shimer, whether academically or professionally. I personally wouldn’t be happy a anywhere else after having been at Shimer College.

Sofia Benidettino ‘17