Shimer College

March 31, 2014

My Senior Thesis: ARTits, Or Giant Flying Glitter Boobies

How does the “artist” fit in at Shimer?

Today I turned in three watercolors as a response to some readings I am doing for my feminist theories class with Ann Dolinko. (If you are interested in feminist theory or if you are not, anyone who has taken the class will tell you it is a must-take. The class is amazing, and you’ll have to take it yourself to find out a more about its secret delights.)

We had the option of doing art work as a response instead of a written paper. Whenever this option is available for an assignment at Shimer, I usually take it. I am so appreciative of this option especially as of late. Because I am a graduating senior this semester (fingers crossed I finish my thesis in time!!), I think a lot about what I want to do after college, which is just a rephrasing of the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The more I think about it, the more I know for sure that I want to be a maker. I want to create things with my hands and my brain and my heart. Does this mean that I want to be an artist? Maybe. What does “artist” even mean anymore? I definitely know that I do not want to be sitting behind a desk all day typing.

For my thesis I am building a huge installation art piece that is also a temporary building and is shaped like a giant pair of sparkly breasts. The fact that this “crazy” idea can even be addressed seriously by my place of education is exciting.

Although many academics are attracted to Shimer, I encourage those of you out there who do not define yourselves as an academic to consider the other side of Shimer. The side that lets me do watercolors as my response paper, the side that usually puts on two theatre shows a year, and most of all, the side that listens to you. What do you want out of your college? Once you think of an answer to that question, I suggest you check out Shimer to see what can be done to serve those needs. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much the program supports and helps you shape unconventional approaches to the liberal arts and the texts you study.


Lynne Lee ‘14


Editor’s note: Lynne’s art project can be seen April 5 and 6, 11:00am to 4:40pm, at Siegel Field on the IIT campus.


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