Shimer College

July 08, 2013

Six Degrees of Shimer

So, I love this “game” of figuring out connections between Shimer and Kevin Bacon – I mean, Shimer and the world.

How does the game work? Imagine that you count the number of people from you to… Barack Obama. Suppose you know Jane, who is related by marriage to Sam, whose sister is in the FBI, and knows Chris who works on the security detail for Michelle Obama and thus has met Barack. That would be… 5 degrees between you and Barack.

How many degrees of separation from Shimer would you say the following are:

  1. Judith Butler (philosopher extraordinaire) 
  2. Rahm Emanuel (yes, that guy) 
  3. Jason Vincent (of Nightwood
  4. Cindi Lauper (yes, her) 
  5. Jackson Pollock  (the only dead guy on this list) 
See what you can do. And, then, do you have others?