Shimer College

April 10, 2014

What Should Aliens Read?

And other questions answered by a Shimer student

Name Ryan Driggs
Age 24
Year Senior
Major Humanities
Hometown San Jose, California


1. If you could rewrite any book from the curriculum, what book would you choose and why?

I would rewrite Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, because I feel that the writer of a book should know what their book is about. I would rewrite it so that someone other than God could understand it.

2. What would be the theme song to your life?

“C’est Moi,” Camelot the Musical

3. Of what would you be the patron saint?

Casual tolerance

4. What book would you jettison into space for aliens to read to learn about the human race and why?

The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, because I don’t want to sugar coat the human race. I feel that it accurately describes humanity.

5. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I once beat an internationally competitive fencer in a bout. I also had a fairy tale written about me by a kid at a summer camp where I worked.

6. What is your favorite quotation?

“And here, poor fool! With all my lore

I stand, no wiser than before”

-Goethe’s Faust