Shimer College

April 21, 2014

Shimer Graduate Turns Childhood Sighting of Solar Eclipse into Job at Adler Planetarium

Rubina Isaac ‘09 talks to The New York Times about her work

Rubina Isaac, a 26-year-old liberal arts graduate of Shimer College, was profiled by The New York Times this weekend about her work at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, the oldest planetarium in North America.

Rubina’s interest in working with astronomers started as a child in India when she saw a total solar eclipse in 1995. Today, she develops STEM educational programming for the planetarium, and guides tours for children. One of her favorite parts of the job, she tells The Times, is seeing “kids’ eyes light up” during her presentations.

Rubina, who grew up in the Indian state of Kerala, left on her own at age 17 to come to Chicago because she wanted to attend a college with a Great Books curriculum. She graduated from Shimer College in 2009 with a concentration in the social sciences.