Shimer College

May 13, 2014

Shimer Is Weird, (Semi)Officially

The website CampusBeast includes Shimer in its “Weirdness U - Awesome Edition” list of colleges

Shimer College (Chicago, IL)
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Shimer started as a women’s school in 1853, then hooked up with University of Chicago in 1896, morphed into a junior college in 1907, and finally emerged as a co-ed four year college in 1950. Now it’s on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus in Chicago. Like St. John’s, Shimer is a Great Books school: you essentially spend four years reading about 200 books. Shimer only has about 17 faculty members, but it also only has about 140 students. Like St. John’s, it’s virtually impossible to graduate from Shimer without having been thoroughly educated; of course, the issue of employability is another question. Harvard once called to Shimer as one of the few colleges with an “ideal intellectual climate.” Also, their mascot is a flaming smelt, which is also a good name for a band. While Shimer is on the IIT campus, it really assumes that all of Chicago is the Shimer campus. 

We know you were wondering what a flaming smelt looked it. Now you can sleep tonight.

We know you were wondering what a flaming smelt looked like. Now you can sleep tonight.