Shimer College

May 13, 2014

New Officers Elected to the Shimer Board of Trustees

Shimer announces the Board Officers for the 2014-15 academic year

Officers of the Shimer Board of Trustees

Chris Vaughan, Chair

Edie Barschi, Vice-Chair

Chris English, Treasurer

Mary Lou Kennedy, Secretary


New committee assignments have also been announced, as follows:

Shimer College Board of Trustees Committee List 2014-2015

Name  Committee
Carrol Adams Nominating
Edie Barschi Finance
Sally Brown Nominating
Barry Carroll Educational Affairs, Nominating
Kate Chappell Development, Nominating
Christopher  English Finance
Phil Farina Educational Affairs, Facilities
Peter Hanig Finance (vice chair), Nominating, Facilities
Susan Henking President
Mary Lou Kennedy Educational Affairs
Robert Keohane Development, Educational Affairs
Linda Levy Admissions
Noah Kipley-Ogden Development
Robert Kruse Facilities
Peggy Plympton Admissions, Finance
Peter Schroth Finance
Roger Schwartz Facilities
Daniel Shiner Finance
Rebecca Sundin Admission
Christopher Vaughan Chair of the Board
Edwar Walbridge Admission, Development
 Phyllis Westberg Development
Stuart Patterson Admission, Educational Affairs
Faculty TBD TBD
John Arnold Educational Affairs
Ryan Lenau Admission
Anna Horn Development
Steve Zolno Development
Italics = Chair