Shimer College

May 01, 2014

Shimer Bus Memories

Thank you for sending us your stories!

In the April edition of the Shimer Alumni and Friends newsletter, we ran a story about Larry Blomberg, a researcher in Australia who is looking for information about a limited model of buses, the Flxible Starliner Coaches, of which only seventy-three were made and one was owned, for a time, by Shimer. We received fond recollections from you, which we shared, suitably redacted, with Larry, and now with you.

(By the way, still no word on the whereabouts of the Shimer Flxible, but we hope it didn’t meet the same fate as B.B. King’s, which was stolen and stripped for parts in 1966. Larry writes, “Apparently the stealing of buses and the subsequent stripping down for spare parts was not uncommon back then in Chicago.” Some things never change, Larry.)


I have no idea what eventually happened to our bus, but I can tell you that in the 1960’s it was used to carry the Shimer Basketball Team, its cheerleaders [of which I was one of four…yes…Shimer College once had cheerleaders!], and assorted loyal fans to away basketball games. It gave me goose bumps just seeing the photo and it brought back such a rush of memories. Watching Furman and Barry and Pat playing their hearts out. Rejoicing in a somewhat rare win [I guess you know Shimer held, maybe still holds, the record for the most losses in a row in college basketball, finally managing to beat Roosevelt University after 65 losses in a row]. Having a good time on the ride back to Shimer, win or lose. Practicing our cheerleading routines in the aisle, me, my twin sister, Ellen, and Dave [our “uniforms” consisted of our Shimer sweatshirts and a skirt/pants for Dave].

I adore the movie Hoosiers, mainly because the scenes where the Hickory team bus is taking the Huskers to their away games are so achingly reminiscent of those Shimer bus trips.

I cannot be sure of this, but I believe when we held our 1988 reunion in Mount Carroll, the bus was still on campus.

-Jane Ripley, AB ‘68


I remember the bus was made in Loudenville, Ohio.  We had two sisters, Betsy and Bonnie, who were from there and very proud of that fact.

-Jerry Yanoff  ‘59


I have a vague recollection of the Shimer bus taking a group of us to some nearby town in the fall of 1960 or 61 to hear John F. Kennedy speak.

-Jacki Cooley ‘63