Shimer College

May 21, 2014

The Unwilling Retirement of a Shimer Flxible Flyer Bus Driver

Anthony R. Gronner ‘69 tells his side of the story

I do not know what happened to it, but I drove the Shimer Flxible Flyer as a student for 3 1/2 years starting in 1965. Having driven as a summer replacement driver for the CTA in, I think, 1966, I drove the Shimer bus several times, probably in ‘66 and ‘67.

I don’t remember the basketball games, but I drove students to Chicago and back several times. The last Chicago trip was my last trip altogether, for on a narrow country road, an oncoming car chickened out and pulled partly off the road. This was reported to Dean Esther Weinstein as my having hogged the road, which was untrue, but my offer of proof was not accepted by the Dean. The proof was in my training by the CTA. We were taught to constantly refer to the left-hand rear view mirror and maintain visual contact with the center dividing line. In that way, we would not find ourselves drifting across the road. 

Unfortunately, Dean Weinstein preferred to go by the word of an anonymous passenger rather than that of a professional driver. Perhaps that anonymous passenger remembers his or her perfidy and would now like to admit to the deed. Forgiveness would, of course, be in order.

Anthony R. Gronner
Evanston, IL