Shimer College

June 19, 2013

Beach Canvassing and Summer Festivities

Netiya Shiner and Maria Gomez are participating in the Shimer Internship/Mentorship (SIM) Program. They regularly post updates about their internship experiences.

This post is from Netiya, who is interning with the Illinois Choice Action Team.

Hi folks,

This week marked the beginning of a series of events that ICAT puts on each summer. These events, called beach canvasses, consist of hanging out at a beach in Chicago passing out free condoms and getting signatures for a petition. In years past, ICAT has used petitions that focus on specific legislation in Illinois, but this year we are using the same petition we used last year, which insists that  the government stop trying to legislate what happens in our bedrooms and doctor’s offices. Last week I canvassed at North Avenue beach, where we passed out hundreds of condoms and met a lot of cool people.

In addition to canvassing at various beaches over the summer, ICAT volunteers will also be present at the Chicago Pride Parade and the Dyke March, two awesome events happening during Pride weekend June 29th and 30th. I had a blast passing out condoms and getting signatures for our petition last year, and Pride is always a fun experience. Every pride parade I’ve been to has been a great time, and the attendees of the festival are often an eccentric crowd. From the sheer number of floats at Pride last year, it is clear that hundreds of communities are represented, and I’m excited to act as a representative for both Shimer and ICAT.

Until then, I’ll continue escorting at various clinics in Chicago. This week the protesters ventured uncomfortably close to the clinic entrance, but luckily three of us escorts were there to watch over them. I made sure to snap a photo:

There are legal ordinances against protesters getting so close to clinics, but they are rarely enforced.There are legal ordinances against protesters getting so close to clinics, but they are rarely enforced.

Until next time,


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