Shimer College

October 02, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month

Four percent of American Hispanics live in Illinois.

There are 6 Hispanic serving institutions in Illinois. They include: Morton College; Northeastern Illinois University; St. Augustine College; Triton College; Richard J. Daley College of the City Colleges of Chicago; and Waubosee Community College.  Six. 

Four percent of American Hispanics live in Illinois. (See here for this and other data.) And, as this site states, “In 2011, states with the largest Hispanic populations are California (14 million), Texas (9.8 million), New York (3.5 million), Florida (4.4 million), and Illinois (2.1 million).”

In our state and elsewhere, there are concerns about access to higher education for Hispanics of all types. Indeed, the federal government has a “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.”

Here’s a question for reflection: in what ways are – and in what ways are we not – accessible for Hispanic Americans? What steps can we take this month in this regard?