Shimer College

October 11, 2013

Shimer Facilitators and Me

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Classes

This semester I’m taking Shimer’s Film Elective, in which we’re focusing on the films of Stanley Kubrick. Marc, who teaches the Film Elective, is one of my favorite facilitators. Even before I had a class with him whenever I would see him on the floor he would always stop and chat with me. Now, in class, I feel like we have a rapport, and it makes that class so much easier. If I have trouble understanding a concept in one of the films, whether it’s with something technical that happens behind the scenes or an entire film *cough* 2001 *cough*, I don’t feel ashamed or shy about asking him to help explain it. And when I get excited about a film, he is always happy to enthuse with me about it. Having Marc as a facilitator, and being able to joke around with him, is one of the reasons I love Shimer. Because most Shimer facilitators and their students are able to have that rapport. I don’t imagine being able to have the same sort of relationship with a professor at any other college.