Shimer College

November 14, 2013

Shimer College Announces an Articulation Agreement with Monterey Peninsula College

The agreement will benefit transfer students and promote the Great Books.

Shimer College has entered into an articulation agreement with Monterey Peninsula College that will benefit transfer students and the institutions involved.

The announcement was made by Dr. Barbara Stone, Dean of the College at Shimer.

“We have welcomed students from Monterey Peninsula College in the past and are delighted to forge even stronger ties with MPC and the Great Books Program with this agreement,” Dr. Stone said. “This agreement has been a major priority for President Susan Henking, and it is thanks to her vision that we can now make the transfer process smoother for students.”

Students graduating from Monterey Peninsula College with a Great Books Certificate and a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in 13 areas of study will be accepted at Shimer College as juniors.

The MPC Great Books program, one of only two in the state, is designed to expose students to great works of Western culture. The curriculum at Shimer is dedicated to the great books as a way of developing critical thinking and communication skills. It includes classics by Aristotle, Shakespeare, Marx, Einstein, and Nietzsche as well as masterpieces by contemporary authors, women, people of color, and nonWestern thinkers.

David Clemens, founder and director of the Great Books program at Monterey Peninsula College, said, “We are honored and excited by this unique educational alliance with Shimer College. Shimer’s academic stature, core values, and commitment to educating the whole person will be an inspiration for our students.”

Clemens added that strengthening the ties between colleges that promote the great books is something humanists everywhere can celebrate.

Interested applicants can contact the Shimer College Office of Admission (312-235-3555; for more details.