Shimer College

February 20, 2013

Making the Difficult Decisions

Shimer gives you so many opportunities, but in the end, you might decide to stay right here in Chicago – and that’s okay too.

So: My name is Alex Rosenberg. I am a third-year (sixth-semester) student at Shimer College. I am a traditionally-aged college student currently taking Humanities 4, Natural Sciences 4, Film: Narrative Through Music and an Oil Painting Tutorial at Shimer as well as American Sign Language at Gage Park.

I have served on several different committees at Shimer and am the Vice President of the IIT Hillel. My interests range from religious theory to feminism to video games (with much overlap).

But today, I am writing about Oxford.

Once upon a time, Oxford was a dream of mine. I thought about the joys of studying on the other side of the ocean and the prestige of the whole thing. Over the past few years I kept the idea of it in the back of my mind as I joined more groups and took on more responsibility.

Then something happened. I changed. I have always loved Shimer, but my feelings for it matured. There are no longer the butterflies in my stomach that come with first love, but an enduring sense of place that I’m not ready to give up.

I decided not to apply after all. My excitement for all of my friends who are planning to study there has grown and I feel even more delighted to be one of the few of my class still planning to be on the Chicago campus next year. I will miss them all (especially my roommate) but I’m also anxious to exchange stories with them a little over a year from now when our paths re-converge.

Until next time.