Shimer College

Adrian Nelson

Hello! I’m Adrian, Assistant Director of Admission at Shimer, lover of vegan baking, the outdoors, T.S. Eliot, and all things purple. I’ve been working in the Admission Office for four years, but I’ve been around Shimer for over eight. I’m in the unique position of having graduated from Shimer (class of 2011) with a B.A. in Humanities, so I’ve experienced the college in most capacities, and I now finally have an excuse to do nothing but talk about books and Shimer all day.

Anyone interested in Shimer is generally up for a good conversation, which is the very best part of my job. I can’t tell you how much I love someone who, within ten minutes of us meeting, has engaged me in serious thought over social conditioning and construction of reality, the effect of technology on human thought and behavior patterns, or how amazingly beautiful Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series is. (All real samples of conversation, and all quite likely to happen within the span of a single discussion!) I’m going to spare you a favorite book list because that’s ‘beyond the scope of this essay’ as they say, but among particular topics that’ll get me going are included feminism, food distribution and sustainable resource sharing, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, theology, video games,  cooking, social justice, hiking, camping, and cats.

I love recommending restaurants, bookstores, and other special places in Chicago to visitors, as I enjoy going off the well-trodden ways to find some of the city’s many hidden gems. When I’m not on the road or happily awaiting your phone call/email, I’m biking, cooking, or drawing up plans for a vegan food truck (totally allowed in Chicago now!).


Assistant Director of Admission