Shimer College

David Shiner

David’s recent academic research has been in classical philosophy.  He has presented papers on several of Plato’s dialogues and is currently (2014) preparing an article for publication. Outside of his academic interests, he plays tournament chess and vintage baseball, and he has performed extensively as an actor and musician.


Professor of Humanities and the History of Ideas

In Brief

David has been a member of the Shimer faculty since 1977 and a member of the staff since 1976.

Why Shimer?

Shimer students are, for the most part, unusually gifted and inquisitive, and that makes them ideal intellectual partners. That’s why I came to Shimer, and that’s why I’ve stayed here.


Ph.D., Philosophy
California Miramar University, 1983

B.A., Philosophy
Temple University, cum laude, 1973

Research Activity

“Gregory Bateson and the Map-Territory Relationship,” Continuing the Conversation, Winter 1985-1986 “A Second Look,” Continuing the Conversation, Fall 1986 “Happiness and the Economic Order,” Business Ethics Quarterly, Winter 1996 NEH Seminar participant, “The Moral Force of the Passions,” conducted by Dr. Amelie Rorty, 1982 NEH Institute participant, “The Literature of the French Enlightenment,” conducted by Dr. Renee Waldinger, 1989 Baseball’s Greatest Players: The Saga Continues, 2001