Shimer College

Ann Victoria Dolinko

Dolinko has been a member of the Shimer College faculty since 1996. Before joining Shimer Dolinko taught at Loyola University in Chicago. 



Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Why Shimer?

Why Shimer? Because we explore texts together in a community of learners, giving all of us the opportunity to continually expand our intellectual horizons.


Ph.D., Philosophy, with distinction
Loyola University, 1997
M.A., Philosophy
Loyola University, 1989
B.A., Philosophy and Psychology
Lake Forest College, 1986


Ann regularly teaches the courses in Shimer’s Social Sciences core as well as a host of electives and tutorials. These classes, and some of her recent electives and tutorials are listed below. Follow the links for sample syllabi.

Recent Shimer Core Classes

Recent Electives

Recent Tutorials

  • Critical Race Theory and Post-Structural Feminism
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Heidegger and Husserl
  • Political Novels

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • Feminist Theory
  • Race Theory
  • Gender Studies
  • Jewish Theology
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Queer Theory

Other Interests

Exploring National Parks, Current Affairs, Political Activism and Yoga

Research Activity

“Situating Psychoanalysis Within the Philosophy of Race and Gender,” presented as part of a panel on Psychoanalysis and Race at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute, Chicago, IL, November 8, 2015

“Why Feminist Philosophy Matters: Reinterpreting the Past and Opening up the Future,” presented at Harper College, Palatine, IL, March 12, 2015.

“Feminism: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask,” presented at The Coffee Shop, Chicago, IL, September, 27, 2014

“How Did Philosophy Come to Equate Woman With Nature?” Presented at the Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference, Seneca Falls, NY, October 19, 2014.

“Everything you always wanted to know about Feminism but were afraid to ask,” presented at the Darst Center in Bridgeport, Chicago, IL, 2014 

“A Postmodern Feminist Encounters the Great Books,” presented at Association of Core Texts Conference,  Irving, TX,  April 12, 2004

“Poststructuralism and Emancipatory Politics,” presented at a Plenary Session at the Third International Radical Philosophy Association Conference, San Francisco, CA, November 5, 1998

“A Postmodern Feminist Critique of Capitalism,”  presented at the Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Atlanta, GA, December 28, 1996.

“Performing the Self as Actor: Emancipatory Strategies for Women,” at the Midwest Scholars and Activists Conference, Chicago, IL, October 28,1993.

“Performing the Scene of Gender: Irigaray, Butler, and Beauvoir,”  to the Philosophy Honors Society, Lake Forest College,  Lake Forest, IL, January 21, 1992.

“The Juxtaposition of the Cogito and Dasein:  Heidegger and Descartes on Subjectivity,” to the Philosophy Honors Society, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL, February 17, 1987.

“Postmodernism and Feminism.”  Community lecture sponsored by Guild Complex. Chicago, IL, September 16, 1994.

“A Feminist Expansion of Philosophical Pedagogy.”  Presented in the series, “Talk About Theory: Pedagogy at Risk,” sponsored by the Loyola University Chicago Graduate Programs in English, Modern Languages and Literatures, and the Department of Philosophy.  Chicago, March 23, 1994.

“Which Way Forward for the Women’s Movement.”  Panel discussion featuring the Chicago Director of the National Organization of Women, and myself, sponsored by Loyola University of Chicago Women’s Center.  Chicago, January 27, 1994.

“Integrating Teaching and Research.”  Two presentations to the Loyola University  Teaching Fellowship Program.  Loyola University Chicago, October 21,1993.

“Making the Transition From Student to Teacher.”  Presented to the Loyola University Graduate School, September 17, 1993


Awards and Honors

Schmitt University Dissertation Fellowship, Loyola University Chicago, 1994/95
President’s Medallion, Competitively awarded to one Loyola University graduate student per year for excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service, Loyola University Chicago, 1993

Graduated Cum Laude, Lake Forest College, 1985