Shimer College

Colleen McCarroll

Hello.  My name is Colleen and I’m the Library Director and Bookstore Manager at Shimer.

Rhode Island is where I was born and raised, but as I entered high school my family moved to across the country to Oklahoma.  When I started thinking about college, fortuitously, I discovered Shimer.  Shimer was in Mount Carroll then, but you’d recognize the curriculum and discussion classes that are still its hallmark today.

Shimer was a small scholarly community in a small rural town, but it expanded my worldview and created lifelong learners of me and my fellow students.  After graduation, Chicago beckoned as a place to look for work–in a library or publishing, perhaps.  I started working at the Newberry Library, received an M.A. from the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago, and then worked as the library director for a large Chicago-based law firm.  By happenstance, when I decided to return to academic libraries, Shimer was looking for its first library director in many years.  This was an opportunity to bring library services to Shimer, offering access to print and digital resources to support both the scholarly and personal interests of members of the community.

As you might guess, I value books.  But I also value online and web resources that expand our access to information.  Listening to students and connecting them with the information that they hope to find is particularly rewarding as is introducing them to professors, librarians, archivists, and people in the business community who share their interests and passions.

When I head for home, I enjoy mystery novels, crossword puzzles, NPR, family board games, cooking, music, and exploring Chicago neighborhoods.  My husband, Michael, and I have a house with many books and three now-grown children, two of whom  graduated from college in May.

I look forward to meeting prospective students and visitors and welcoming new students and their friends and families to our campus.



Library Director and Bookstore Manager