Shimer College

Steven Werlin

Steven has been living in Haiti since January 2005. He is currently a Regional Director of Chemen Lavi Miyò, a program developed and implemented by Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest micro finance organization. The program aims at the particular needs of the extreme poor, and helps them develop the income and the life skills they need to lift their families out of the worst of Haiti’s poverty.

Steven anticipates returning to full-time teaching in January 2015.


Senior Faculty on Leave

In Brief

Seeing students learn to figure things out together is a pleasure and a privilege I could never tire of.

Why Shimer?

I love Shimer because I am constantly learning so much when I am there. The key for me is working in small class in which students both expect to and do share the lead, learning to trust their own curiosity to guide them. 


B.A., St. Johns College, Annapolis MD.

M.A., Ph. D., Philosophy, Loyola of Chicago  


I am grateful for the way Shimer has pushed me to teach throughout the core curriculum. I haven’t been able to do the entire core yet, but I hope to someday. 

My favorite electives have been the ones in which students and I choose a single book, or a few short works, and spend the whole semester reading them together.

The Man without Qualities, Robert Musil

War and Peace, Leo Tostoy

On the Soul, Aristotle

I’ve also enjoyed the chance to teach several classes on Paulo Freire and radical pedagogy.