Shimer College

Noah Kippley-Ogman

If alum, what year did you (would you have) graduate(d)?



Doctoral Candidate in History of Education, New York University’s Steinhardt School

In Brief

I study the history of higher education fundraising and am a teaching assistant in undergraduate courses. I’ve also been the assistant to the president of the History of Education Society and serve on the alumni advisory board of the Bronfman Fellowships.

Why Shimer

Shimer taught me to become who I am. By challenging me and supporting me as a learner, a reader, a citizen, a worker, and as a member of a community - all at once - Shimer pushed me (and still pushes me!) to be better and more thoughtful and more kind.

Why I Give

Shimer has given so much to me; I want to return as much of the favor as possible to make sure that Shimer can do for others what it did for me. And every time I visit the campus or sit in on a class, I’m excited to see the community of inquiry and collaboration at work.

Why I Serve

I serve on Shimer’s board to help bring this gem of an institution a more stable future and to introduce Shimer’s unique education to new friends who can learn from us and teach us.

Best Shimer Memory

I was singing at Orange Horse and terribly embarrassing my friend on the guitar by forgetting all of the words to the song. But the Shimer audience knew the words and ably filled in for me en masse. My face was red, but my heart was glowing.

Shimer and My Career

Shimer taught me to ask questions. I don’t just ask how to do things, but also why and for whom. At Shimer, I learned to be accountable to my peers and to listen to everyone, something that has served me well in both administrative and teaching roles.