Shimer College

Brenton D. Stewart


Student Representative to the Board

Why Shimer

The question of why I am at Shimer breaks down into two considerations. 

The first consideration is why I came to Shimer in the first place, and the answer to that is the education. I’ve wanted to be a writer most of my life, and I felt strongly that spending so much of my time at college reading could only help me as a writer. I also wanted to live in a big city, hoping the broader education that arises from a wide range of experiences would also inform my writing.  

The second consideration is why I stayed, and the answer to that is the community. I come from a small town, and being a part of an intimate community within a large city gives me the absolute best of both worlds. 

Why I Serve

Since I am a Student Representative to the Board the most straightforward reason that I serve is that I was elected.  The real reason is that I grew to care more and more for Shimer during my first three years as a student, and by the time the fourth year came I cared enough about the school to feel an obligation toward it. 

Best Shimer Memory

For an end of the semester project one year I spent my time designing a class on superheroes.  I developed a syllabus and calendar for the class that I then combined with essays justifying the institution of the class. After enough work I actually managed to get the class offered as an elective! Honestly, my best Shimer memory isn’t one moment so much as the entire process of learning to bring that idea into actuality.