Shimer College

Dan Shiner

If alum, what year did you (would you have) graduate(d)?




In Brief

I was born at a very young age.  When I was five years old, I ran away with a circus, but they made me give it back. I then wasted thirteen years in various public schools. Then I found Shimer College.

Why Shimer

If there is a better educational institution in the country than Shimer College, I have not found it in the past sixty years, and I have been involved with Stanford, Berkeley, and a number of others.

Why I Give

I give so students of today–and tomorrow–can have the opportunity I did: The opportunity to attend Shimer College.  When I have extra money, I send it to Shimer College  If there is any left over, I buy food.

Why I Serve

Since I can no longer attend Shimer College, being on the Board allows me to discuss important issues with intelligent human beings. Which is what I did for four years at Shimer. And far too rarely since then.

Best Shimer Memory

One of my classmates was taking a photography class. She told me she had an assignment to take a picture of a nude in a tree, and I was the only person she could think of who would do it.  So I dutifully climbed a tree and disrobed (in near-freezing November Illinois weather).  She then proceeded to take photos for a half hour while I froze.  After her next class, she told me she had made a mistake.  The assignment was actually to take pictures of a nude OR a tree.

Shimer and My Career

I’ve been controller of a company with $2 billion in assets, a rare book dealer, and much in between.  Shimer prepared me for every career I’ve had so far. And the ones I will have in the future.