Shimer College

For Parents & Families

As a parent to a Shimerian, you’re a part of a
community of risk-takers, idealists, outspoken men
and women of the strongest character, and incredibly
hard workers. Welcome.

What is Shimer? Parents and students on the lawn for Shimer Orientation.Parents and students on the lawn for Shimer Orientation.

It is true that while at Shimer, students read. A lot. But they also write critically and creatively, discuss and debate every thought and opinion they encounter, and decide, together, the direction each class session will take. They are active participants in the school’s governance and they learn to take accountability for their ideas and actions. 

We do not teach students what to think, but how to learn. We teach them the value of perspective and questioning, a solid work ethic, and unending curiosity. What they learn at Shimer will serve them for the rest of their lives.

How can you help?

As a family member, your support is critical to your child’s academic and personal success. Shimer—especially during the first year—is an extremely challenging environment. You can help your student through it by understanding the experience.

Students often publish their thoughts, reflections, and personal work on one of several Shimer blogs. You can stay informed by reading their posts and keeping up with other college news and events. Or you can visit us and explore Chicago through the eyes of your Shimerian.